Acacia Black (same_ink) wrote in one_nation,
Acacia Black

An Introduction

Hi there! I just joined and wanted to introduce myself.

I live in the Philadelphia area and was recently in Washington D.C. to take part in the rally sponsored by the American Humanist Association in support of Newdow and his case as it was being heard by the Supreme Court. It was a great experience to meet so many like minded individuals.

After reading about that in my personal journal, another LJer alerted me to this community.
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I'm pretty much an Atheist; Who knows if there is a God or not? I highly doubt that primitive ancient men who "knew" that the world was flat figured out the god thing accurately!

The problem I have with Michael Newdow is that he enjoys depriving the people who do believe in God whatever they get out of praying. Why does he want to take that sense of happiness or self fulfillment away from them? I say "Live and Let Live". It makes no difference to me whether or not someone prays to some fairy tale character and gets some kind of high from it! I say "Go for it!!!!!" You know, for me it's just some people being silly, I don't want to spoil their fun!

I think that Michael Newdow is just being nasty and pushing his religious preference on people against their will. Let them pray! Who cares?!?!?!?!?
This case wasn't about prayer in school it was about the pledge and more specifically the phrase, "under God" which wasn't added until the 1950s during the Red Scare because everyone knows communists can't say those words.
I still fail to see what the big deal is. I might be an Atheist, but I've attended weddings and funerals inside houses of worship because I respect the wishes of my family and friends. I know that it's important to them and I just want them to be happy.

I too, have some issues with the "Pledge of Allegiance" but there are so many more important issues to tackle in the schools. Most kids don't yet understand why they are reciting the pledge; Heck, I'll bet most adults don't know how it came about! I remember saying it as a kid, and it was just one of those things you did as a kid, like holding hands when you cross the street. Not a big deal. When the kids become teenagers, they start to form their own opinions anyway, I sure did! Overcoming my very strict religious upbringing was my personal revolution!
My father is a minister and whenever I am visiting my family I attend services to hear him preach because I am proud of my father and it makes him happy to have me there. What that has to do with the Pledge of Allegiance, I don't know.

The issue is that thanks to the separation of church and state this is quite specifically not a nation that is under god. The argument was not to cease having the Pledge recited, but to have it restored to its original form. Further, the suit was being brought by the parent of a child who was being raised as an atheist, so the question of a child finding their own path eventually doesn't really apply. The argument was that this reinforcement of the existence of a god in a school setting was discriminatory against families who were raising their children with the belief that there is no god. The case was lost on a matter of standing because Dr. Newdow is not the primary parental custodian of the child in question. The real issue was never addressed by the Court.

I agree that there are more important problems facing our young people these days, but this was and remains an issue that needs to be discussed. Atheism is not readily accepted in this country for the most part and steps need to be taken to begin to repair some of these subtle discriminations against non-theists.