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one_nation's Journal

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I pledge allegiance to the Flag
of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands:
one Nation indivisible,
With Liberty and Justice for all.
- The Pledge of Allegiance, 1924

Introduction Statement

one_nation is a community of individuals who are committed to discussing or civilly debating what's in America's "best" interests. It is not meant for concerns about Palestine, Israel, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc. They have their own forums! This is a PRO-USA community... Not an ANTI-USA community! What the main topics should focus on is "America's welfare and future without concerning herself with the needs nor demands of other nations neither."


Being that he IS IGNORANT of "Australian" politics, this forum bares NO association whatsoever with the Australian political party by the same name. Had he the necessary length given to him, he would've choose the title: "One Nation Indivisible", but it was too long and irrelevant somehow.


  1. This is a moderated forum! The moderator here is webofhorrors. Whatever happens, don't PISS HIM OFF!!! And that's the bottom line.
  2. This is a nationalistic community whose only concern is the benefit of our nation herself. However, at the same time, non-nationals - (e.g. foreigners) - and even enemies of the American Commonwealth are welcomed here to engage in a "civil" debate with the patriots thereof. But no crap, ya hear?
  3. With that said, a lot of material will undoubtedly be Politically INcorrect and will not be suitable for the squeamish!
  4. Being that is a PRO-USA community there will be NO bashing the USA... Period! When it comes to government, yea sure - unless it concerns our nation's founders. Sorry, but that's a soft-spot that the moderator has no tolerance for, but whatever happens, there will be no defamation of the American public in general.
  5. This forum does not respect partisans. You can be a neocon, republican, democrat, liberal, progressive, conservative, socialist, or whatever. It doesn't matter! Everybody basically has at least one good argument, by the moderator's own judgement, so everybody's encouraged to speak out on the behalf of their country.
  6. If a post is potentially inflamtory, then members are encouraged to use: a.) LJ-Cut. b.) Warning Signs c.) Or, post Friends Only!
  7. No Quizzes. No Community Promos. No illiterate posts - (i.e. typing in ALL under or uppercaps, which no one wants to read anyhow). No trolling. No bullshit... Period!